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Right your makeup wrongs!

You were born with features you have for a reason. Every feature is linked to a part of your personality and they all work together to represent that you are. So, try not to change those features, specifically with the way you makeup, because changing your face, will change your character and personality.

While most of us will never be able to apply our makeup like pros, at least we can do the basics, right? With so many techniques out there to choose from, when it comes to applying your makeup, it's hard to know if you're making mistakes.


Don't worry, it's not too late to correct your makeup wrongs. Here you learn how to correct some incredibly common makeup mistakes to perfectly enhance your true, natural beauty.

Part 1: Makeup mistakes that make us look “Too Much”! (Exaggerated makeup)

With this makeup, no one can remember seeing you without makeup and people don’t recognize you! If for your friends and family, your standard look is a face almost always fully made up, be warned that this may work to your disadvantage, because not every setting requires you to be wearing makeup. 

when they see you because they don’t recognize you under your usual makeup caked on, then that’s definitely a bad thing. The number one sure sign that you have way too much stuff on your face is when people don’t even recognize you without your makeup on. This case applies to those who, as soon as they wake up and wash the sleep off their faces, put on their makeup even before they change out of their sleepwear. And this is even if they’re not going out for the day. Then the only time they remove all that stuff from their faces is right before they fall into bed at night. In other words, nobody sees them without makeup, maybe not even people who live with them. Here are some of the double take for instance, if you take a trip to the beach or hit the gym or the pool, you’ll look ridiculous wearing makeup, so you’ll have no choice but to not wear any. And if the others do wrongs that make you look “Exaggerated”:

Too much contouring

You've contoured your face, but didn't blend it properly. So you look more chiseled, but not in a good way. You should always contour your face that no one can find it out that you almost faked those cheeks, not bolding the way you made them up!! You want to enhance your beauty, not showing your ability to painting yourself!


Too dark or defined eyebrows

Your eyebrows look like they were painted onto your face. Having nicely shaped eyebrows with a light touch of eyebrow pencil brushed into them is fine. But there are those who use the eyebrow pencil with too much gusto, darkening the brows so much, that they look too serious and somehow angry! It definitely changes your true personality!

If you have to draw your brows on because you've over-plucked them, that's one thing, but if you're trying to enhance what you already have, all you need is a light dusting of a brow powder one shade lighter than your brow hair. Brows are meant to look feathery and full (this style makes you look more youthful, too), rather than so defined they look fake.


Thick eye liner

Eyeliner is often a failsafe for creating a dramatic makeup look, but you’re tried and tested technique may not be the most flattering way for your eye shape – or your face.


Everyone knows eyeliner can make eyes appear brighter and more awake, but applying too dark, harsh lines can also accentuate crow’s feet and wrinkles on the delicate eye area. Make sure you make it blurred instead of creating a harsh line and keep it mostly on the upper lid. Your eyes will look more defined, but not too weighed down. In this way, you will have a lifted upper eye, which always makes you look fresher and younger.


Winged liner, which is meant to lengthen the eye, should be super crisp and extend outward at the perfect angle, as though you're extending your lower lash line.



Obvious false lashes

False lashes can go wrong really quickly. If you're not getting them professionally done and you want to use a full strip, make sure to apply the band of lashes as close to your lash line as you can; once they dry, apply eyeliner over it. This will help mask where the falsies begin and end. And always remember, too long and fake look lashes, will weigh down your eyes and they always look too non-realistic, they only suit for those super elegant evening parties, not everyday makeup.

Besides, if you're good at putting on individual lashes, Do it! They're always more natural-looking.


Too Much Mascara

Hate clumped-up lashes!? To avoid that, take your time to separate your lashes.

First, apply your favorite mascara to build up the length, hold the mascara wand horizontally at the base of your lashes and twist it out, then pick a new clean wand and spend some time to curl and separate them.

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