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Vancouver Wedding Makeup Artist

Azadeh has gained phenomenal experience in well-known beauty salons around the globe since 2007 and is renowned for her ability to create a flawless face. She specializes in subtle transformations, helping women draw out the best version of the natural complexion and features. This has made her a well skilled informed specialist in bridal, and fashion makeup, which led her to open up her renowned Beauty Centre in Tehran back to 2010.


Her expertise and attention to details along with her amicable nature, makes her a reliable and professional addition to have on your wedding day or other most special days of your life.


“Azadeh” is part of the new generation of young and innovative makeup artists who are transforming the international glamor and beauty scene.


She has established her own business co-operating with numerous talented young artists in both Vancouver & Tehran, which evolved her and her team into one of avant-garde makeup artistries in BC and Iran.


They providing different Beauty services, mostly in wedding/Bridal industry, in the northern part of Tehran as a luxurious Beauty Salon in Elahieh, and also offering mobile Beauty services (Such as Bridal Makeup and Hair services for all the wedding party) in Metro Vancouver, and also whole Canada. 


Azadeh looks at the face as a canvas, bringing out a distinctive and fresh approach in highlighting each person's unique beauty.  Her goal is to continue to grow and excel in her craft.


 “My strength is your beauty. Leave yesterday behind when your beauty and my art meet each other. Beauty is a gift which God gives you apart and I will complete it.”




Inspirational Beginning

Originally from Tehran, Iran, a country known for its colorful nature, history and rich culture that admires beauty as one of the primaries of life style. She comes from this colorful background and unique culture, but the path that led Azadeh to find her passion and talent in this industry is an inspiring and unique journey!   


Azadeh is one of very few makeup artists who has also earned their economics degree! Shortly after graduating with a university degree, she felt strongly that her calling in life was to help women uncover and appreciate their unique personal beauty. She was willing to do whatever necessary to help women discover their beauty within – even if it meant completely changing her career.


With the realization that makeup was more than just a passion, but also her life calling, she set out to follow her dreams by pursuing a top-of-the-line education in makeup artistry. She went on to graduate from Audio-Visual Cinematic School (Tehran), certified from Nouveau Lashes, and trained at the renowned Blanche Macdonald Centre for makeup and hair (Vancouver).



Unique Talent


Azadeh stands out amongst other makeup artists solely due to her dedication to getting to know each client and listening to their exact needs. Her techniques, application and understanding of the message that needs to be delivered are what make her work so unique. In the bridal field, her personalized service and attention to detail have allowed her to create many beautiful brides. Through this understanding and attention to her clients, she is able to create a custom makeup design that is perfectly matched to the person’s natural and inner beauty. 


I always keep communicating with all of my clients. My goal is to first understand their needs and then translate them into outstanding makeup and hair designs that make them look their absolute best; this is my ultimate objective.”

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About Azadeh & Her Team 

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